Message from the President concerning the start of classes in the Fall semester 2021





Message from the President concerning the start of classes in the Fall semester 2021


September 6, 2021
Dear Students
                                                  Aoyama Gakuin University
                                                President, SAKAMOTO Hiroshi

Fall Semester classes, which will start on September 17, will be held by combining in-person classes with online classes at both Aoyama and Sagamihara campuses.

We will ensure that in-person classes will be held with adequate infection control measures. Details are provided in the student portal, so please check them. Libraries and other school facilities are available as they always have been. In addition, some of the general classrooms are available for students to take online classes before and after the in-person classes, so please check the details for each facility.

Approximately half of our students received COVID-19 vaccines during the summer vacation, in collaboration with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. I am pleased that many young people were vaccinated in accordance with their own wishes. This will provide peace of mind for people.

However, although the vaccine has been shown to have a certain efficacy in preventing the disease from developing and becoming more severe, its efficacy in preventing infection and mutant strains has not been fully verified. People who have been vaccinated as well as those who have not, should continue to take basic infection-control measures, such as wearing masks, washing or gargling, hand antisepsis, and ensuring social distance.
Vaccination at AGU will continue for some time after September. It is also possible to receive vaccinations at medical institutions, vaccination venues, and large-scale vaccination centers in each municipality. As we have always stated, vaccination is not mandatory, but you should judge the advantages and disadvantages based on accurate information from public organizations.

I hope that each of us will make use of the knowledge gained from our experience so far, and that society as a whole will be able to work toward an end to the pandemic. I look forward to seeing you in the fall semester.

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