AGU hosts symposium on Reconciliation and Human Rights





AGU hosts symposium on Reconciliation and Human Rights


AGU hosted an IAMSCU Research University Symposium on Nationalism and Reconciliation on Saturday January 12th. The keynote lecture entitled: “Patriotism, Human Rights and Reconciliation” was delivered by Professor Nigel Biggar, PhD, Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology at Oxford University.
Arguing from a personal Christian viewpoint, Professor Biggar outlined the patriot’s relationship to moral obligation and responsibility, and explained his theory of repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation, where, with a clearer idea of both repentance and forgiveness, the goal of reconciliation might be more easily achieved.
Professor Biggar’s lecture provided an intellectually stimulating model that encouraged those present to consider not only their own ideas of the concepts described, but also how the general theory outlined in the lecture might be applied to the specific problems of patriotism, human rights and reconciliation within Asia.
IAMSCU Research University Symposium series started in 2015 as a cooperation between AGU and the International Association of Methodist Schools Colleges and Universities (IAMSCU).