Jean Monnet University staff visit AGU





Jean Monnet University staff visit AGU


As part of the Erasmus+ partnership agreement, Ms. Christelle Frery and Ms. Isabelle Levai-Daudel from Jean Monnet University of Saint-Etienne, France visited Aoyama Gakuin University. Their visit coincided with the beginning of the first term at AGU and the two experts on the Study Abroad program from the French university joined a few kick-off orientations and related events for newly-joined international students at AGU. They also looked around the I-House, AGU’s international student hall of residence, and met with French students studying at AGU during their four-working-day stay from March 29, 2019.

“This visit has been very inspiring; By seeing Japanese students in their own environment, we were able to understand the difficulties they might face in France, and how we should help them adjust. We have also learned that the selection process for study abroad is different in Japan, and it has given us some ideas on how to change our own system,” commented Ms. Levai-Daudel and Ms. Frery on their experience.

It was also a precious opportunity for staff at AGU International Center to be able to exchange ideas and expertise with their international colleagues.
AGU signed the student exchange agreement with Jean Monnet University in 2016, and that was followed by the Erasmus+ partnership agreement signed in 2017. AGU is grateful to Jean Monnet University both for the opportunity we have had to work together and for how well the partnership has flourished.