Staff visit from University of San Diego (USA).





Staff visit from University of San Diego (USA).


Dr. Kira Espiritu, PhD and Sam Przywitowski, MBA from University of San Diego International Center (USA) visited AGU International Center in Aoyama Campus on March 8, 2023.

University of San Diego and AGU have been partners since March 2020, and 2 students from AGU have studied at San Diego. However, due to the effects of COVID-19, we were unable to accept students from San Diego. This visit was held to exchange information for future student exchange opportunities.

A meeting was held with Prof. Komatsu (Director of International Center) and IC staffs of inbound and outbound exchange. Exchange of information about campus life at San Diego, Japanese language courses, and English held courses for exchange students at AGU were made.

We are hoping to be able to welcome students from University of San Diego for future exchange chances.