【Important・Urgent】 Notice on the Restriction of Entrance





【Important・Urgent】 Notice on the Restriction of Entrance


President Sakamoto Hiroshi
Aoyama Gakuin University

Dear students,
Starting from Monday, June 8, 2020, Aoyama Gakuin University will be gradually lifting the prohibition of entry to both Aoyama and Sagamihara Campuses. For the rest of the spring semester, the university will continue efforts to prevent an increase in infection, and will shift from prohibiting entrance, to restricting entrance to the campus.
Please check the notices from 1. ~6. below for details on the policies during the period of restriction. If you have any questions about campus life that are not addressed here, feel free to contact the office you require.
Though we are under a difficult situation, the school will continue to provide as much support as possible to improve your student life.

1. Entering the campus.

Those permitted to enter will be as (1) ~ (3) below. We will continue to prohibit any unnecessary and unurgent entry to the campus.

(1)From June 8 ~ 13, only graduate students and senior undergraduate students who need to take regular classes or to work on their research projects may enter.
(2)From June 14 ~ 30, the students above and senior graduate students who need to use the school facilities or need to visit offices may enter. (※1)
(3)Rules starting from July 1 will be announced by the end of June.

(※1)Please check the link “5. Facility use” and confirm any notices about using / visiting each faculty or office beforehand.

On entering, please strictly follow the rules below.
○Please check your body temperature and health at home before coming. If you do not feel well, please refrain from entering the campus. Please take precautions to prevent the spread of infection including the wearing of masks and hand washing.
○All students are to enter from the main entrance gate. (※2)
(※2)The west gate is only for vehicle entry. The school will continue to prohibit any unnecessary and unurgent entry and will prohibit any visitors. Please understand that these rules are set to manage the entrance and exit of people, and that this is necessary for safety.
○You must show your student ID and write your name and necessary information at the main entrance gate before entering.
○Please keep a record of your actions after entering, listing the places you went and the amount of time you spent there. It can be a simple note or a memo on your smartphone.
 There may be the possibility that you will be requested to submit the record if you or any other person related to the school are found to be infected by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and there is a risk of increasing infection in school.
 E.g. MM/DD 1:30 PM〜4:30PM Library, PC room

2. Classes

All classes for the spring term will be held online.
However, if regular classes are considered necessary for specific courses for specific schools/graduate schools, exceptions will be made to have regular classes according to the rules and methods stated by the school.
Regular classes will be held only when the faculty and all registered students have agreed. Those students who are currently far from campus will not need to move just for the purpose of taking regular classes.
Details will be announced via the student portal from each school/graduate school.

3. Extracurricular activities

Details will be announced via the student portal.

4. Research activities

Graduate students will be generally prohibited from using their research laboratories.

5. Facility use

The students permitted to enter as listed in “1. Entering the campus” will also be able to use some of the school facilities. Also, each office will be available, though their functions may be restricted.
For use of facilities, please check each facility’s / office’s situation and the guidelines accessible from the link below, before coming to campus.

※Any additions and updates will be announced via the pages below.
Aoyama Campus
Sagamihara Campus