Notice concerning the entrance and use of campus facilities from March 29, 2021.





Notice concerning the entrance and use of campus facilities from March 29, 2021.


Dear students,

As announced on the school webpage on February 15, Aoyama Gakuin University will generally be holding classes in person for the school year of 2021, in accordance with the class policies. To the extent that it is possible, measures will be taken to prevent infection of COVID-19.
The school facilities will also be opened, with several restrictions.
However, not everything will be as it was before COVID-19. The vaccine has started to be distributed in Japan, but it remains important to continue to carry out strict prevention measures.
Please look through the announcements below, before the entrance and use of campus facilities.

1. Entering campus

Please follow the instructions below on entry.

○Please take your temperature before entering the campus. If you feel any symptoms of illness , please refrain from entering.
○Always keep your mask on and take prevention measures including hand washing , gargling, and sanitizer use.
○Students are required to present their student ID at the designated gates to enter campus. Entry through gates other than those designated will not be permitted.
 (※)Designated gates :Aoyama Campus(Front gate・West gate)、Sagamihara Campus(Front gate、East gate)
○Please follow the New-normal lifestyle and avoid the "Three Cs": Closed spaces, Crowded places and Close-contact settings and the “Five situations” that increase the risk of infection.
○Please keep a record of your daily activities on the designated sheet that will be distributed via student portal.

2. Using campus facilities.

Please check the websites of the campus facilities before use.

3. Contacts

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